Loveland/Ft. Collins Airport hanger

This 30,000 sf. industrial building implements a contemporary style of multi-planer faces to create interest and intrigue in the building façade.


This 80,000 sf. office building is designed to house the manufacturers of the Javelin Jet. A distinctive glass office building style was used to optimize natural light and keep the project cost to a reasonable price. At the same time, the use of colossal stone column identifies the entrances to the two separate tenant spaces.

First National Bank

This upscale tenant finish was designed to utilize as much of the existing structure as possible while creating a sense of elegance and intimacy for the occupants.

Greeley Plaza

This was a remodel to an existing building. An elevator and stair way was added to bring the building up to code and to create focal elements of the building. The store fronts were also added to the spaces to maximize the usable area of the building.

Leclair Residence

This 8,800 sf residence was inspired by the architectural style of an English Cottage. The geometric elements are used to accent and create the interesting visual appearance of the exterior.

Magnum Materials

While this 19,000 sf building is metal industrial box a lot of thought and designed was used to enhance the front façade of the building.

Gateway Architectural Review Committee “…Having now reviewed the extensive, quite detailed and very professional plans provided to us by C2D Architects, we, again, find your plans to be in full compliance with our covenants. The building design is very pleasing, and we compliment you and your architect on a very nice design. We believe this will be a very attractive addition to the center.”